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obesity problems

hello, i'm having difficulties in trying to figure out my weight. i weigh 295 pounds and i'm 6ft tall. i have multiple health symptoms including:  belly fat
high blood pressure
high cholesterol
fluid retention
skin tags
kidney disease

do i have a certain medical condition i don't know about. what's the proper way to treat this condition. thanks for your help.

Chris, you really need a medical doctor.these  are not symptoms they are problems where you need to be under a doctors care. You should most likely be on high blood pressure meds cholesterol meds, and other meds to help you with your other related problems. The kidney disease may be caused from the high blood pressure and the gout and water retention may be from the kidney disease. The weight is probably the cause of all this. Have you talked to a doctor about medical treatments that can help you lose weight. The diet you should be on should be worked out by a nutritionist who has all the facts of your conditions. If I where you I would ask your doctors who they normally work with or who they might be able to recommend. Your weight at 6 ft should be no more then 200 pounds .

I truly wish you the best. Good luck and I hope my advice helps you.

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