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cardio and meals

After many years of working on this, I think I have found a way to get my fat down with a combination of cardio and what and when I eat.
Let me know what you think.
I dont eat much red meat or fat as I discovered it contributes to my I.B.S. Most of my calories are from carbs.
I have discovered that I, and maybe most people,get hungry again about four hours after a meal comprised mostly of carbs. A couple hours longer if there is protein.
I believe that if you are active, your body has used up the carbs for energy and needs more fuel (hunger). If you dont give it more fuel, it will slowly go into the fat stores.
With this in mind, I am timing my cardio workouts about five hour after a meal-to make the need for energy even greater so my body needs more fat store energy. Morning before breakfast is probably the best.
Also I have found that contrary to 'a calorie is a calorie no matter when you eat it', I discovered if I dont eat after supper I weigh less on the scales in the morning, compared to the day I had an evening snack-even if the total calories are the same. I can lose a bit more if I skip supper altogether, making up for it with a bigger breakfast and lunch. For me, my metabolism MUST slow down at night.
So, I am lowering my calories,eating mostly carbs,and doing cardio five hours after a meal.
Example day:
7 am 20 minutes on the treadmill before breakfast (dry whole wheat toast and bran flakes with fruit).
Noon 20 walk to lunch (large salad)
Supper spaghetti
No food in the evening except for a fruit snack.
Repeat this all week with weekends off from exercising and allowing a little meat for Sunday supper.
Does this sound good to you?

Hi Barry, I see you have put a lot of work on this plan. You are correct about the Ibs and

reducing the red meat in your diet. Red meat takes a long to digest and can cause issues with

someone who has IBS. As for the diet, let me break it down for you and explain what I like and

what I don't. 7AM I like the idea of exercise before you eat first thing in the morning. Doing

this ensures that you get rid of any excess insulin you may have in your body before you eat

more food containing additional insulin.I also like your choice of breakfast except you should

either have whole wheat toast or bran flakes not both. This takes us back to insulin and

diabetes later in life. People who are on high carb diets consume to much insulin which can

over work your body and causing insulin resistance later in life. You noon meal is perfect you

can make salads loaded with all kinds of fruits and vegetables that will feed your body

well.Spaghetti for dinner is fine and there are many varieties of pastas that are made from

vegetable and have less carbs which could turn to sugar if not used later. Your evening snack is

also perfect. The one thing I would add is slightly more food. What you mentioned does not seem

like it is enough calories to me and also does not seem to contain the sufficient amount of

Protein,fat.carbs and fiber, that your body requires to function and will cause your body to

break down after a while. The exercise your getting is fine.  I must say that the thought you

put into your plan is very good and as long as your getting enough nutrition it will work great.

Nice talking to you Barry and good luck completing your goals with the help of your well thought

out plan.

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