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Getting rid of big tummy - diet

Dear Madam:

I am currently a person who's working out in a gym after work, around 30-45 mins for 3 days.  My main objective now is to get rid of my tummy.  I currently weigh at 61 kg. and standing at 5'4.5".  Despite of my sit-ups, my tummy is still there, so I thought I need to change my diet.  I am currently eating wheat breads alone as my meal.  Can it help?  May I kindly ask if there are better ways to get rid of this tummy in terms of my nutritions?

Any help will be appreciated.  Thank you.

Hello.  I would change your diet to include lean protein (lean chicken, fish, beef, peanut butter, eggs, etc.) and vegetables/fruits.  Including 100% whole grains will be helpful also.  With that said, it is important to limit your calories and burn more than you eat.  You also might also a trainer at your gym about specific exercises to do for your abdomen.  Mostly, losing some weight will help (5 lbs.?).  You might consider a supplement that I promote (my disclaimer) - www.bioslifeslim.com/jenbirge.  It helps you reduce your calories and it absorbs some fat.  You can certainly do it without that supplement, though.  Best of luck to you.  

www.eatright.org has some good information about nutrition.

Jennifer Birge MS,RD,CDE
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