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Nutrition advice for womens rugby

I am a female rugby player.  I have been playing for 15 years, but for the last year have began to take my fitness seriously.  I have been 'dieting' for a year and am now at a size that i am happy with, and my overall fitness is a lot better.  i am now interested in eating correctly, to work in relation to the work I am doing at the gym, rather than to lose weight.  i really have no idea where to start on this as i have been simply 'counting points' for the last year and have no idea beyond that.  Can you offer any advice, please?


Congrats on the progress :)

Now you just need to learn to Eat not diet. You need to take an athletic mindset to food and find something you can live with. It can be very simple if you allow it and realize you are in control. You are eating to fuel your body day in day out for the activities you ask of it.

Land a solid basic foundation. No counting calories or points just eating real food. I would try and base your foods first on protein and fats, then add in plenty of green veggies and fruit. Stay away from the grains, processed food, starchy veggies and sugars for the most part except the occasional treat like once a week and prior to / during an athletic event or hard training session. Eat beef, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, green veggies, nuts, seeds, oils, butter, and fruits as the base of your diet. Foods that are filling and wholesome. Do this for a month and see how things are then slowly add a more of the more simple carbs to fill your caloric and athletic needs and goals.

No foods are bad but just bad for individuals goals. Start at a solid base and then progress add on from there. start putting more simple carbs in early in the day and around training first and see what that does for a month. If you get results you dont want fine it's nothing a simple few weeks wont cure nothing to get excited over. You will soon find what you need and when to add other things and experiment and see how you react.

For more info you should join our free discussion forum, you will get lots of great advice and discussion there www.teamstaley.com start a training log. We can help with training, diet and then give advice on supplementation. We have another young high level sprinter from Ireland on the site as well by the name of Alan


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