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Seriously Help

I need a honest intelligent and logical explanation PLEASE! I play football not scholastic or anything just recreational I am a wide receiver and I weight 155(maybe less). Being 6'2"... 6'3" is not cutting it at all! I want to be bigger not just for athletic reason just to feel better about myself my eating habits is... how should I say???.. SHIT HORRIBLE! I don't go to the gym and im the type that
1: Worries bout doing it wrong when working out alone.
2: Don't like to go to the gym cause can't lift shit and is scrawny.( so I been told)
3:  Work out at home(I guess you can say contributes to number 2.
4: No results with a month.. And im done cause it doesn't work.

I am really considering steroids nothing to be Mr America just wanna add 30 lbs I wanted to know what kind there is and how to spot a fake which would be better(I know all are bad) but still. I've tried creatine and protein shakes blah blah blah all that crap and eating more but like I said I CANNOT do because of my schedule.

Dear Deirell, Lets get down to the basic facts of gaining weight in the form of muscle. Muscle will grow when it is worked out with exercise and, provided the basic building blocks of muscle are present, will rebuild itself every so stronger. Failure to grow bigger muscles would be from not working them out hard enough, and not providing your body with the extra nutrition it needs to grow muscle. Muscle is made up of protein. You have to eat a lot of high quality protein, some say one gram of protein for every pound of weight, so 150 grams of protein per day. Protein and weight gain shakes are great for providing extra calories and extra protein needed for muscle building and re growth. You have to eat a lot of food to gain weight. Some body builders will eat 5-6 small meals each containing high quality protein and other foods that contain high quality nutrition. You are going to have to eat 500-600 calories per meal every 2-3 hours. Your meals should include high quality protein like your protein shakes, egg whites, lean meats, chicken, tuna fish. You should also include foods like whole fruits, low fat dairy, whole grain breads and pasta, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and healthy fats like those in salad oils and nuts. Body builders keep detailed records of what they eat, so keep a food journal and write down the foods you eat and the amount of calories they contain. Try to eat at least 3000 or more calories per day. This is the only way you will get bigger and stronger.
Next you have to lift weights or do exercises that work out your muscles. After a hard work-out, your muscles will be forced to rebuild themselves bigger and stronger. Weights are better, but you can still do exercises without weights, it just takes longer. You can do three sets of 10 push-ups, three sets of leg squats, three sets of sit-ups or crunches. Try to work every muscle part at least twice a week. Educate yourself on proper weight lifting so you don't hurt yourself. Muscle and fitness magazine contains all the information you need for building muscle.  www.muscleandfitness.com/
Steroids will not transform your body, you still have to break down muscle to rebuild it stronger, and that takes work and time. Bodybuilders who take steroids, still work out for hours everyday. They watch their diet and keep detailed food journals. There is no easy and simple fix, it all involves work on your part.  
Good luck, hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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