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losing weight at 45

Hi,I am 45 years old, mother of 6 kids,and my problem is that I gained 4 kilos and I find very difficult to lose these kilos. My weight now is 72 kg and my height is 159 cm .Could you please help me lose these extrazzz.I want to reach 62kg and would be thankful to your help.

Hi Sonia

It does seem to get a little more difficult to lose weight as we get older.  Just one thought to take into account is are your possibly peri-menopausal.  Because menopause is a time of life when womens' bodies definitely seem to expand no matter what height and weight tables you look at - I've read that it's apparently protective against osteoporosis.  I've written a bit more about this at http://www.ditch-diets-live-light.com/menopausal-weight-gain.html

The other thing that might surprise you is that our sleeping pattern also has a lot to do with the way our hormones work (and process sugar) and if you're interested in that you may want to read a bit more about it at http://www.ditch-diets-live-light.com/sleep-and-obesity.html

As for how to lose weight, what I've done is to create pages on my website so that I don't have to keep answering the same questions over and over (P.S.  these are all free resources).  But on the eating side there is a great 10-step plan to follow at:
along with a fabulous way to eat at:

Exercise is also a must, so I'd recommend you read:
http://www.ditch-diets-live-light.com/basal-metabolic-rate.html which gives you an explanation in layman's terms on why exercise is important.  And then, as you have 6 children, I'd also suggest you take a peek at:

http://www.ditch-diets-live-light.com/exercise-fun.html  maybe you can find a way to make exercise into play and fun and something you do with your children because that way you're also being a great role model for them and you can have a great bonding experience with them and get active at the same time.

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