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fat depositied on one side of the body


I am concerned about my friend. She went through a phase where she was bing eating because of the death of a loved one. i haven't seen her in 3 years till last week and i have noticed that one side of her body is bigger than the other due to fat. i would like to know if slimming cream or soap work. i have heard slimming soap work the seaweed but i am not sure  

None of these products do anything whatsoever to actually reduce fat or size.  SOME of them may make skin temporarily tighten (but so does applying Preparation H or other hemorrhoid cream),but a complete waste of money otherwise.

Also, no body is perfectly symmetrical.  If you look at your own photographs and cover one side of your face - you'll look very different from when you cover the other side of your face.

Find out about the frauds - and how to really eat right and stay healthy (and a good weight), without products or gimmicks

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