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Weekend Indulgence

I am 5ft1, 120 pounds I have been successfull in losing 10pounds and I am 10pounds from my goal weight of 110pounds.
I have been doing great during the weekdays with my weight loss program, eating right, exercise and staying on track.
However, I have been doing not so great on the weekends. I am wondering how much a day of overeating and going off my diet affects my program.
If I ate well all week then on Sat I ate much more and drank many beers, how many days will it take for me to get back on track?
Let's say I eat 1200 calories every day, then on Sat I consumed 3000, what does that do to my body?

Hi, Alexis...

It is great to see you take such an interest in your health and wellness.  Also, good job on the 10 pound weight loss so far.  I know you know that last 10 are the hardest, but it sounds like you have the determination to reach that goal.  The short answer to your question is that you would have to work off the extra calories through additional exercise and more calorie cutting to get you back on track, but I think there is a better solution for you.

Now, as for the weekend eating, let me first tell you that you are not alone.  All of have those times when our clean eating gets off track for one reason or another.  I think what is going on here is that you are concentrating so hard on being "good" during the week that when the weekend comes, your body just wants a break.  Again, this is normal.  

What I suggest is that you actual schedule time during the week for a cheat meal.  Take into account your calorie needs for the day and set aside some for that cheat meal.  There are plenty of athletes who have cheat meals everyday.  The key is to not let the cheat meal become a cheat day!

So, while overeating does affect your program, it's more of a mental affect than physical.  You don't want to fall into the trap of thinking that this is "all or nothing."  We're human.  You can cheat, just plan for it and you'll feel better about your weekends.

And, remember, there is nothing that says you can order/bring healthier foods to help you stay on track.

I wish you the best and keep working hard and kicking butt!
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