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hello i have a question

okay i want to lose just 5 more lbs and cant seem to the last few weeks.  im on the atkins diet and this week decided to limit my food intake (i know not good idea) so i didnt eat very much hoping to speed it up, well when i did i was almost down to my goal and then i ate and now im back at my ususal.  i lost the first 5 quickly but this is taking awhile.  i exercise 45 min a  day on the treadmill.  (3 miles)  its like my body never wants me to go below a certain weight.  help!!!  should i just be patient for awhile???  do u think it will eventually come off?

Hello Miss Kitty,
Thank you for your question.
Please consider that if you are down to your last 5 lbs. and not losing weight:
a) you may be at a plateau.. patience here will be useful.
b) you may need a new strategy... I suggest rolfing or deep tissue massage to clear the toxins from your tissue.
c) a detox may be useful... such as a liver cleanse or a series of colonics.
d) acceptance that the weight may take a while to come off and persistence in your program.... however long it may take.... even for times when you do not stay with your best eating program, accept that this is part of life... and that it just happens like that.... then go back to your healthiest eating plan.

Mary Jo
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