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binge questions

hi there. i've been recovering from anorexia/bulimia for a good 3 years now, and my weight is healthy... at 5'2" i am 103 pounds and i exercise 4-5 days a week... but last night i BINGED and same with the night before. i did not purge thankfully... but now i am SO bloated and each binge was 2000 calories and 3ooo calories. what should i do to prevent "damage control" in the healthiest way?? I do not want to fall back into purging. my exercise is usually 1 hour of cardio type activities *running or the eliptical or the bike or a combination* and a few arm toning exercises. is this enough or should i do more these next few days? i am bloated and swollen from the high-sodium binge. what do you recommend? please let me know.  it's strange how that all works, but i know that i already gained 2 pounds from it all. i can see it all over, and it's not just body image distortion. i ate mostly pre-packaged carbs, like cereal, a 1/4 bag of mini pretzels, non fat pringles, a string cheese stick, 5 ritz crackers, a non fat fudge pop and 4 slices of bread and the list goes on... bites of a birthday cake, an oatmeal cream cookie, sugar free pudding, etc.  i really want to have a slim belly again by saturday since i have a dance to go to... but i dont know if thats possible now.  what do you recommend to help myself over the next few days? should i eat normally, or will that solidify that weight gain? and i guess i should drink lots of water to reduce swelling, right? thank you,


Hi Shannon,

When you eat empty crap, you keep on eating. Get the refined sugar and refined flour out of your life, you will not miss it in a month.

Focus on being healthy, not skinny. Weight is also water, fat doesn't move that fast.

Find something FUN to do with your body. Walking alone can do it.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Just start doing it right, and don't stop. Forget the beating yourself up.

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