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Microwave steaming nutrition

I've seen microwave steamers in Walmart.  What I'm wondering is if a steamer minimizing the nutrition in vegetables being cooked in a microwave, even though it's being steamed?

Hi Carrie!

   Thank you for your nutrition question.  Steaming veggies in the microwave can best preserve their nutrients, as well as their natural flavor, color and texture. Plus, steaming requires no added fat and is easy to do - once you get the knack of it.
Don't overcook. Steamed veggies should be a little crispy, but tender enough to eat. You can usually tell they're done by poking with a fork to see if they're chewable. Vegetables cut thin will only take a few minutes. Greens cook fastest, broccoli and green beans take a little longer and roots, like carrot chunks, may need 12-20 minutes or more.

A little reduced sodium soy sauce, lemon juice, herbs or onion and garlic added to the water can provide extra flavor. To avoid overcooking, use a timer so you can see how long it takes. When done, be sure to serve them right away.

You can learn to cook vegetables healthfully and even learn to love them that way (if you don't already). Just like with everything else, practice makes perfect.

For more answers to your nutrition questions check out "Ask the Nutritionists" by George Rapitis at www.authorhouse.com

-George Rapitis, Bsc, Nutritionist
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