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Which Foods Are Best For Weight Loss

The average serial dieter would think they know exactly which foods are best for losing weight, but do they really? It can be surprising just what hidden obstacles can hold you back on your weight loss journey.

The following are some of the very best foods to have on your daily menu:

  • Eggs.- In a recent study eggs helped people lose 65% more weight. They keep you feeling full longer and reduce snack attacks.
  • Yoghurt - The calcium in yoghurt can curtail the absorption of fat into the small intestine.
  • Nuts - These contain many hunger containing properties plus can be loaded with fibre. Best ones are almonds and pistachios which have been proven to curb appetite.
  • Grapefruit - Therer have been many studies done on the humble grapefruit but if half is eaten before each meal it is not only a healthy addition to your diet but assists in weight loss.

Keep in mind that most of these foods can be eaten at practically any of your meals. Maybe you'd like yoghurt with a little fruit and nuts for breakfast or even an omelette made with mushrooms. Half a grapefruit before your meal and it's all done.

  • Avocado - Research shows the unsaturated fats in the avocado boost levels of the hunger halting hormone called Leptin. This is the hormone that tells your brain when you are full so you stop eating.
  • Mushrooms - These are an easy way to cut calories from your diet. Simply replace the meat portion of your meal with mushrooms. By doing this you can cut up to 420 calories per meal.
  • Olive Oil - This is the oil that plays a major role in the Mediterranean diet, renowned for being a heart healthy way of eating. It also has the abilty of letting your brain know when you are full.

These are all wonderful foods as additions to salads which can be eaten lunch or dinner.

  • Whole Grains - This includes brown rice, quinoa, steel cut oats, 100% wholewheat pasta plus wholegrain cereals.
  • Red Pepper - Think cayenne pepper, jalapenos and hot red peppers. It's the heat inducing capsaicin that does the trick.
  • Fava Beans - These are also know as Broad Beans in some parts of the world. These help stop the accumulation of belly fat.

Having covered the so called 'good guys' of foods to eat, we will now briefly cover the 'bad guys.' Bear in mind these foods are not bad per se, they are in this category simply because they contain hidden sugars which act as a brake on your weight watching efforts.

  • Potatoes - No surprises there! But, if you eat the sweet potato you're in with a chance as the sweet potato reacts with insulin in a totally different way to the ordinary white potato.
  • Carrots - These again are high in fructose which like all the names that end in 'ose' turns to sugar in the body.
  • Corn - The same as carrots; too sweet.
  • Fruit - This comes as a surprise to many weight watchers as we've generally been taught that fruit is one of the healthy foods. Unfortunately they are also high in fructose.
  • White bread
  • White flour
  • Refined foods.
  • Processed foods - This includes tinned products.
  • White rice and pasta. - Opt for Brown or Basmati rice and wholewheat pasta.

If you keep in mind that the more natural the food the better it is for you, apart from all those itemised which are high in fructose you won't go far wrong. One final point - don't forget to do some exercise even if it is only thirty minutes walk a day. The exercise will have a positive effect on raising your metabolism.

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