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Fastest Method To Lose Weight In 7 Days

The fastest way to burn fat in a week requires a number of large adjustments that you have to do in order to accomplish your aim. With just 7 days to get rid of as many pounds as you can you’ll need to employ a few secrets that Asian women have employed to get lean fast for generations. Let’s examine some of the more basic things you can switch to have a spectacular effect on your weight this week!

Best Approach To Lose Weight In A Week

When consumers begin my Skinny Asian Diet system the preliminary consultation we go through is about the makeup of their day-to-day food eating routine. Essentially I want to hear a profile of where their calories are received from in terms of the varieties of food they’re eating along with the time of those meals.

Normally the client is consuming four major meals, each above 700 calories, for a total of approximately 2,800 to 3,000 calories per day. Worse, the largest percentage of those calories typically comes from white carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice, sugars, sweets, etc.

The first thing we’ve got to do when aiming for the fastest way to slim down in a week is to adjust our diet, both the kind of foods we eat and the amount of calories we’re ingesting at each meal.

To have the maximum fat-burning effect for the next week I want you to do the following:

1. Eliminate the carbohydrates – Any sugar, dessert, bread, rice, pasta, or other carbohydrates are unacceptable this week. I need you to keep to proteins as the source of your meals, and the big ones are chicken (skinless), lean meat, fish, tofu, and various others.

This is critical, I can’t stress it enough. As an example the “perfect” dinner for you this week would be a skinless chicken breast or salmon filet, with steamed broccoli or green beans, all seasoned with lemon juice and hardly anything else.

No butter, no salt, no other junk. Don’t forget, you’re aiming for the quickest way to get slimmer in a week, which means sacrifice. No dessert!

2. No more than 1,500 calories per day – It’s tough to count calories, so here’s a simple cheat for you…just eat portions as big as your balled-up fist.

Your fist is fairly small, equal to approximately 4-6 ounces of food. And since you’re following #1 above, I know you’re eating the majority of your calories from protein right? So if I tell you to eat 1.5 to 2. “fists” of chicken and .5 (half a fist) worth of brown rice or vegetables it’s easy for you to figure out right?

Every fist of protein is going to end up being around 100-150 calories, and the same for the vegetables. Which means I can estimate your calorie consumption by suggesting to do the above fist-size food portions, and in this case 4 meals x 300 to 400 calories per meal equals 1,200 to 1,600 total calories for the day…excellent!

Stay with these two food guidelines as a good baseline for the fastest way to lose weight in a week and you’ll drop weight quickly. Top it off with a workout regimen that you will carry out for five of the seven days for a minimum of 30 minutes per day and you’ll rapidly drop between 7-12 pounds easily!

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