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The secret to diet free weight loss!

For more than five years I have known things that made me an expert on diet free weight loss.  I had found a way to get back to normal weight and in the process, I discovered why everybody, including me, was getting fat.  I have used my secret with great success for more than five years and for all that time I have remained at the weight I called normal before my troubles began.  This is truly remarkable because I have a damaged thyroid which makes it almost impossible to maintain a long term weight loss.  Yet I have done it, persistently for more than five years.  Clearly I am doing something right.

In my early 40’s, I was diagnosed as a borderline type2 diabetic.  Naturally I did not hesitate to follow my doctors advice.  I saw his the recommended dietician who was to teach me the diet I had to follow.  Till that time, I had never had a weight problem.  Sure, occasionally I had put on a couple of pounds over Christmas.  But like everyone else, I would cut out sweets and cakes for a couple of weeks and quickly bring the weight back to normal.

It was easy to keep myself from eating sweets because cravings did not exist. At least not amongst anybody I knew.  Of course, that was soon to change.  The diet I was prescribed was simple.  Each meal had to consist of three parts carbohydrates to one part protein.  Till that time, I’d never needed a diet.  I had been used to the type of food my parents and grandparents had always taught me.  The diet I was told I had to follow was virtually the exact opposite.

I followed the rules and did what I was told, yet my blood sugar problem did not get any better.  For the three to four years that I followed that diet, I went from a normal stable weight, which rarely changed, to a gradual increase in weight which ended up five Kilo’s more than when I began. Both the doctor and the dietician hinted I must have cheated.

The most memorable thing I from that period of my life is that I developed an obsessive craving for bread.  That was lucky because bread was one of the things I was encouraged to eat.

I eventually lost all confidence in the dietician and stopped attending the clinic.  From then on, till five years ago, I tried every new diet that I heard or read about.  I was determined to lose the weight.  The medical problem, which had been the sole reason for me having to diet in the first place, had become worse, but I did not care.  I just wanted to get back to where I had been before I started the first diet.

With every diet I tried, the same thing would happen.  I would stick to it rigidly till I lost the weight. Then a few months later, I would find myself not just back to where i was before, I would be just a bit heavier.   I also noticed that the diet became became ever more difficult to stick with and the weight came off slower than ever.  Sadly it also came back a lot faster.

Finally, almost six years ago, my weight got to eighty kilo’s.  That was the biggest I had ever been. I sensed I was at a cross road.  If I dieted again, I would end up even fatter.  If I did not diet again I would still end up fatter because my diet cravings had reached a point where I was hungry almost continuously.

My third option was to simply accept my fate.  I could not do that.  So I decided to forget everything I had ever heard or been told about what is right and what is good and bad about food.  I chose to trust my considerable knowledge of history and my vast experience with just about every diet invented till that time.  Somehow I had to  find a permanent answer to my weight problem.

What I discovered could be called an epiphany.  A moment of complete clarity.  In that instant I knew I had found the way to get a permanent diet free weight loss.

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