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How To Lose 20 Pounds Quick!

How do you lose 20 pounds quick? Good question. It all depends on where you start. It depends on where you're coming from and what kind of sacrifices you're willing to make.

You can lose 7 to 10 pounds in a week, very easily, if you just clean up your eating. I mean really clean it up! We're talking about drinking clean fluids... that means water. No saturated fats. No processed sugars. Lots of veggies... oh, and a tad bit of exercise. Say walking for 20 minutes a day after your last meal.

That's a simple, good start. Easy stuff, too.

To lose 20 pounds quick you will need to hold steady on the above plan just a little longer. The first 10 pounds will disappear in about a week or ten days. Much of that will be water. When that's done, you move a step further.

Next phase: exact same stuff. We're not talking about killing yourself, here, especially if you haven't been active for some time. An injury? That would be foolish. What good will the weight loss do if you've hurt yourself in the process? I'm guessing it might be depressing.

For your purpose: to lose 20 pounds quick, you don't even need to join a gym, or lift a single weight. It's called cleaning up your habits, if only for an abbreviated period of time. To lose weight, a small altering of your mindset is really the only essential. Begin and just stay the course, which is not always easy.

You must follow through. Action is a verb. It is continuous. Small daily adjustments, like the few outlined above are all that's necessary. We're talking about how to lose 20 pounds quick, not 100 pounds. You are always moving. The world spins and we move along with it.

We change our circumstances over time, mostly without notice. To effectively lose 20 pounds quick, you need to begin to take notice, to become more self -aware. It starts with the foods you eat, the fluids you drink, and the small steps you decide to engage in.

But it won't take long. You can truly lose 20 pounds quick if you're willing to take the very first, magical step. Simply begin.
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