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Book Review: KEEP EATING KEEP LOSING Weight-Loss Secrets by Claudia Ciesla

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Claudia Ciesla model, actress and wellness coach’s book ‘KEEP EATING KEEP LOSING  Weight-Loss Secrets’ foreword by Sonakshi Sinha is a must-read modern wellness bible. It’s a book I wish I got my hands on in early 20’s that could have taken me off the path of weekend cheese rituals towards a life of green juices and wholesome meal.

About Claudia Ciesla
If you are new to Claudia Ciesla, let me tell you that she was in the reality show Big Boss and starred in the song Balma opposite Akshay Kumar. Claudia, who is now a fitness enthusiast, would despise eating as a child. When the aspiring model moved to India, she would spend hours exercising like a maniac without eating properly. Before she knew it, her blood pressure and blood sugar dipped, and she collapsed in the gym. This incident was a turning point in her life, and she thereon began her journey with food. KEEP EATING KEEP LOSING is a wise and witty product of her study in everything from nutrition, weight loss, cleansing, and much more.

Why should you read the book and share it with all your girlfriends?

Claudia’s words of wisdom are especially powerful because, in her former life, she walked in many of our shoes as a stressed out teen. Just like you wouldn’t take pregnancy advice from one who’s not a mother, it’s hard to fathom taking ‘lifestyle’ tips from one who doesn’t live our life.

KEEP EATING KEEP LOSING is much more than just a diet book. Diet and weight loss is often associated with calorie counting; this book is, however, more about how you use your food to cultivate a healthy lifestyle that Claudia defines as a disease-free life. In her book, she walks you through her evolution from a picky eater to healthy eating, power of exercise and ways to deal with stress. It’s filled with affirmation, tips, checklists and recipes to keep you on track. All your queries on losing weight are answered here.

If you are on a weight loss diet which leaves you feeling drained and stressed, then Claudia’s KEEP EATING KEEP LOSING is a must read. You may want to follow this sample weight loss diet plan from an expert.



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