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Fitness Plan Day 187: Rejuvenate yourself with a cup of green tea in the morning

green tea

Welcome to Day 187 of the daily fitness plan for the year. Let us begin another healthy day with practices to ensure a physically as well as emotionally rejuvenating lifestyle.

Morning: Right after you wake up, gulp down a glass of water. This will clean your system and refresh you. Don’t skip brushing, as you cannot afford to begin the day with bad breath and an unclean mouth. Now it’s time to recharge yourself with some green tea, which is the most popular beverage recommended by nutrition experts and has numerous health benefits.

Healthy Recipes: Eating right is the key to staying fit. Here’s the proper way to do it.

Breakfast:Want to have breakfast like a king and make a healthy kickstart? Give the usual Sunday morning aloo parathas a miss and try these new semolina parathas, rich in fibre they add a distinct crunchiness to your parathas that ups the taste.

Lunch: If you’ve wanted to ditch rice for a while and haven’t found an alternative as fulfilling then quinoa could be looked at as a healthier option. You could use this grain crop in the boiled form with vegetables and chicken. This choice of ingredients simply make it beneficial for diabetics and is protein-rich and contains low fat. Know how to make chicken with veggies and quinoa here. 

Snacks: Keep your snacking light. How does the idea of fruits with spices sound to you? It’s an interesting mix with spices and fresh fruits. It’s definitely a refreshing and better way to enjoy usual fruit salads. Cut some fresh fruits like pear, apple, pineapple and chop in ginger with tamarind. Here is the recipe of spicy fruit salad.

Dinner: How about going the Italian way for dinner? Here’s a recipe that’s both filling and healthy. Like noodles, pasta is often put under the junk food category. To replace such a tag, you could enjoy the pasta dish with some whole wheat pasta instead and keep a check on the salt content as well. Whole wheat pasta comes with high levels of carbohydrates which are an instant energy-booster. It contains insoluble fibre which helps prevent constipation and improves digestion. If pasta is your favourite dish, here is how you can prepare it in a healthy way.

Exercising: If you want to stay fit, exercising is crucial for you. Here are some ways in which you can do the same.

Home: If you are too lazy to hit the gym or even practice yoga postures, then try doing simple fat burning exercises at home instead. Exercising doesn’t necessarily call for huge spaces. If you have a space crunch at home, watch this video to find out how basic exercises can be done at home, even in small spaces.

Yoga: If you have ample core strength, balancing yourself on a single leg shouldn’t be difficult for you. Try the vrikshasana or the tree pose to check how strong your core is.

Gym: If you are planning to hit the gym today try doing a couple of set of bench presses and push-ups, apart from keeping your upper body in shape it also helps you to perform better in bed at night.

Sleep well tip: Believe it or not, your breathing is the natural, effective and best sleep medicine you can rely on to enjoy eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and wake up rejuvenated the next morning. Try these breathing exercises for a restful sleep.

Fitness Plan Day 186

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Disclaimer: If you follow a fitness plan already, consult your nutritionist before switching to this one. If you are allergic to any of the foods/ingredients mentioned, please do not consume it. Do not follow this plan without consulting your doctor if you suffer from a health condition — hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, etc. or are pregnant.


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