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Chia seeds vs. sabja seeds — Know the difference

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If you are on a weight loss diet, your nutritionist would have recommended you to eat sabja and chia seeds. And why not, they are both excellent to keep you satiated. Both also exhibit several medicinal properties. Since these seeds look alike, many of us think that there is no difference. So here we tell you the difference between these wonder foods.

Sabja or basil seeds are native to India and the Mediterranean regions. Mostly used to garnish various drinks and juices, sabja seeds also find their use to prepare various medicinal drinks. Chia seeds, on the other hand, are popular in North and South America. Considered as super foods, they can be a great addition to your salads.  You also need to add these five seeds to your diet.

Ways of consumption
You need to first soak sabja or basil seeds in water for a couple of hours and then add it to teas, desserts, milkshakes and sherbet. On the other hand, you can sprinkle the chia seeds directly on your salads, yogurt and puddings or even eat it raw. While you can also soak it in water, they take more time to absorb water than the sabja seeds.  Try this vegan  chocolate banana chia seeds pudding.

Colour and appearance
Sabja seeds are black in colour while the chia seeds can be brown, gray, white and even black. Both the seeds are tiny, but sabja seeds swell faster when you soak them in water. They are larger than soaked chia seeds. The chia seeds, on the other hand, are oval and appear somewhat like sesame seeds but not as flat as them.

Health Benefits

Sabja seeds
Sabja seeds can help clear the arteries and thus lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. When ingested, they can aid in digestion and act as a diuretic, regulating bowel movements. The seeds can also be helpful in reducing body heat and easng heartburn. Here are reasons why sabja seeds are the new superfood.

Chia seeds
Consuming chia seeds can be an excellent way to lower elevated triglyceride levels and thus help promote heart health. They can also improve your intake of calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Consuming it on a daily basis can also contribute in maintaining normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Weight loss benefits
Sabja seeds can make a very filling drink. When eaten before meals, it can prevent you from overeating. On the other hand, chia seeds added to yogurt and salad can make for excellent snack options. Rich in fibre, they can keep you satiated and beat hunger pangs.

And if you are wondering where should you buy these seeds from, you will be happy to know that they are readily available in supermarkets, or you can even order online.


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