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Could you be growing fatter because of anemia?

Weight loss and anaemiaDoes anaemia cause obesity and memory loss?

Anaemia is caused by deficiency of iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, etc. It is not uncommon for obese people to have anaemia. Though anaemia as such may not cause obesity, it may be linked to it. Too many calories cause obesity. But too few nutrients could also play a role. Some research suggests that not just excess calories but absent nutrients also may be a contributing factor to childhood obesity.

Overfed and undernourished – sounds counter-intuitive. But the fact is many commonly consumed highest calories foods (chips, pastries, soda, etc.) are also lowest in nutrients. Even though you get high calories your brain is signaled to continue eating seeking to meet nutrition it needs.

Read more about causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of anemia.

Many patients after bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) may develop new or worsen pre-existing anaemia in the months and years following the procedure. Apart from that Pernicious anaemia (caused by vitamin B12 deficiency) may gradually cause mental changes, including memory loss, irritability, mild depression and dementia.

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