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How One Woman Lost More Than 75 Pounds Using 3 Simple Tricks

Before: 250 lbs.
After: 172 lbs.

Anu Sharma, 37, was fit in her early twenties. After losing her job and relocating in 2009, Anu, without friends or a career, plunked down in front of the TV, soothing herself with pastries, cookies, and sugary drinks. At 5'10", her weight hovered around 250 pounds. One morning in April 2009, as Anu struggled up the stairs to her second-floor apartment, knee pain stopped her short. The very next day, she laced up her dusty workout shoes and joined a gym. Today, after years of hard work and training, Anu's tall frame carries 172 pounds.

Here what Anu said helped her achieve her goal weight:

  • Embrace tech. "Go online for at-home moves like squats and burpees."
  • Take shortcuts. "Prewashed, precut produce helps me squeeze healthy food into busy days."
  • Pile on the protein. "To build that muscle, try a cup of cottage cheese with some berries for breakfast."

For more on Anu's incredible weight-loss journey, pick up the December 2014 issue of Women's Health, available now. In the meantime, check out more inspiring weight-loss success stories and healthy ways to lose weight.

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