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Plant your own food to prevent weight gain

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If you have a garden or a little area outside your house, consider starting your own little garden – in which you can plant a small variety of herbs, vegetables or perhaps even fruit.

Plant your own food

Of course, different fruits and vegetables may require different types of soil and other requirements for adequate growth, so it would be worthwhile to do some research before getting started. You could borrow some books or gardening magazines, search the Internet or even ask around – you may find chatting to someone at your local nursery extremely helpful.

You should also consider planting some of the fresh produce that you actually enjoy eating. This will help keep you motivated and you most probably will save some money too.

Burn calories

Remember that gardening requires a lot of physical work too, so apart from being rewarded with healthy and nutritious food items (in the long term) that you have grown by yourself, you will be burning calories too! Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and try to engage in as much physical work as possible - by yourself, in order to maximise the number of calories you burn.

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