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Make the right food choices

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You can avoid gaining weight by simply making the right food choices.

Make the right food choices

Making the right food choices involves choosing healthy, high quality, well balanced and nutritious foods for your meals and snacks. For example, consider having a chickpea or chicken salad, with dressing on the side, as opposed to a creamy, high calorie pasta dish for lunch. Or you could opt for grilled tofu, or a lean cut of grilled meat with baked or roasted vegetables, rather than fatty meat, prepared with lots of oil, and served with a huge serving of deep-fried chips on the side.

When dining out, do not be afraid to ask your waiter or chef how your meal is prepared. Sometimes, it may be possible for them to prepare your meal in a slightly different way to what is stated on the menu, and this may be a much better option for you. For example, instead of having deep-fried chips, your chef may be able to bake them for you with just a drizzle of oil.

Think before you drink

Water is always the best beverage to drink if you are conscious of your weight. Avoid or limit the number of high-calorie drinks that you consume and remember that tea or coffee (and other warm beverages) will also contain calories when you add milk or cream and sugar to it, so this will add to your daily calorie count. Always think, before you drink!

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