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5 Places that can make you fat!


Losing weight can be difficult especially when you’re surrounded by places that may help sabotage your weight loss plan. Be aware of the following places that can increase calorie gain: 

1. The cinema

A visit to the cinema could make you gain tons of calories if you are tempted with some of the snacks on offer. Try going for smaller portions or make healthier snack choices such as dried fruit as opposed to butter and salt laden popcorn.

2. Your workplace

Workplaces can be a source of unending food temptation and peer pressure to indulge in sweet treats and unhealthy food choices. Whether it's birthday cake, refreshments at staff meetings or attending fancy business lunches, you need to be more aware of what food you consume. Try bringing in some healthy snacks to the office and don’t be afraid to say no to unhealthy snacks.

3. Parties

While snacks at parties may look small and insignificant, the calories they contain can quickly add up. Don’t forget the calories gained from consuming alcohol!  Try nibbling on healthier snacks, swap crisps for olives - which will cure salt cravings without the saturated fats. 

4. Restaurants 

Restaurant menus can be misleading with even the seemingly healthiest of options often being smothered in oily/creamy sauces and dressings. Sugar may also make an appearance in many savoury foods. Dining out healthily is key here - opt for lean protein, such as chicken or fish, with salad or vegetables, and skip the dressings and sauces where possible. Also, avoid being talked into sharing a dessert unless it is something you really want – remember that half of something you wouldn’t have normally ordered is still extra calories on to your daily intake.

5. Coffee shops

Whilst meeting a friend for a coffee may seem like a healthier option (than having lunch/ dinner together), many speciality coffees are rich in cream, whole milk and syrups and can contain as many calories as the cakes or desserts that go with it. Swap the whipped cream, rich and sugary coffees for skinny lattes, espressos or cappuccino made with skimmed milk. While these may not seem as appetising as your usual beverage, it will make a big difference to your waistline.


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