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Wash your own car to burn calories

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If you have answered ‘yes’, then perhaps consider washing your own car instead of taking it to the car wash the next time your vehicle is in a ghastly condition.

Actions that help you burn calories

The carrying, bending, stretching, washing and polishing actions are a definite way to get you breaking out into a sweat! Burn out extra calories if you are cleaning the inside of your vehicle as you will be brushing and vacuuming as well.

Added workout

For an added workout try setting yourself a time constraint within which you need to get your vehicle looking as good as when it first left the showroom! For example, 25 minutes if you are just cleaning the outside of your car and maybe 35 to 40 minutes if you are cleaning the interior as well.

Maximise your workout!

Avoid getting help to complete this task if you want to maximise your workout! Rather do it yourself else you will be dividing the calories burned between two!

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