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Can Seaweed Help You Lose Weight?

Good news for sushi lovers: A natural seaweed fiber called alginate, found in kelp, may help suppress fat digestion in the gut, according to a new study published in the journal Food Chemistry

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In the study, researchers used a model digestive tract and found that ingesting even a small amount of the seaweed fiber blocked fat absorption by a third. Of course, you need some fat (and certain fats are healthier than others), but for people who are really overweight or obese, preventing some fat absorption can be helpful for dropping pounds (it's why some FDA-approved weight-loss drugs block fat absorption in the gut).

The takeaway? Seaweed shows big potential as an anti-obesity treatment—but you may not want to load up on the slimy stuff just yet. The next step is to set up clinical trials to see if the promising results derived in a lab setting will be duplicated in human study subjects, say study authors. In the meantime, focus on loading up on these 15 healthy foods that make you feel full and satisfied.

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