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Crazy celeb diet tricks: The New York diet

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The New York diet

Hey! Want a diet plan where all you eat is meat and vegetables and all you drink is water? Yes?

Then the New York diet is for you. This is a two-week diet where you cut out fruit, bread (and other starches), coffee, tea, alcohol and fats to drop your calorie intake to a starvation level of between 800 and 1 000 per day.

Dieters do sometimes lose up to 6kg in two weeks, however no-one ever tells you how quickly that weight comes flooding back when you return to your normal eating patterns.

This is a dangerous diet because it is a short-term, unsustainable plan which would likely cause a metabolism slow-down through muscle tissue loss.

The lack of carbohydrates will also leave you feeling listless and grumpy. It may work for weight loss, but at what cost and for how long?

Not recommended.

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