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How a yo-yo diet queen lost 63 kilos


Her breaking point

If you're tired of trying diet after diet, this story of how a wife and mother changed her mindset and lost 63 kilograms will inspire you.

Jen Moore was an emotional and mindless eater who ate to feel better. Her breaking point came in 2009 when she was asked to get off a ride with her daughter because of her size.

She decided it was time to be a better inspiration for her daughter and to return a year later as a healthier, slimmer, hot mom!

What she changed

  1. She stopped dieting and decided to make a permanent healthy lifestyle change.

  2. Jen has a meal plan – without restrictions.

  3. She eats dessert in pre-portioned servings.

  4. She bulks up every meal with veggies.

  5. Instead of chips, she now snacks on bowls of grapes.

  6. Her favourite activity is hula hooping. She used instructional DVDs to teach herself how and now teaches hula hoop classes! Within three months of starting, she'd dropped 18 kilos.

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