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Quick WEIGHT LOSS tips: ‘Banting’ calories still count as calories

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Tip: All calories are created equal - sort of...

I'm sorry, but I MUST get this off my chest. If you're on a diet that helps you enjoy your food by providing its own version of an 'unhealthy' food, then you're losing the battle. (Banting-friendly cake anyone?)

The diet that is helping people make this mistake right now is 'Banting', but others are also guilty.

Why is this a problem, you may ask?

Well, just because it's a 'Banting' muffin/pie/cake/chocolate bar/bread/pizza (you get the picture?) DOES NOT MEAN IT'S CALORIE-FREE!

'Banters' are running around guzzling copious amounts of so-called diet foods because the label says the item is diet-friendly. Newsflash: a 'banting' muffin/pie/cake/chocolate bar/bread/pizza still has LOTS of calories in it.

The word 'Banting' doesn't make it a better weight-loss food...it just means they've taken out something and replaced it with something more expensive.

The bottom line is this:

Eating a pie (Banting or otherwise) will NEVER be the best thing to eat to lose weight unless the ‘pie’ is an apple and a banana and a bowl of vegetables, complex carbohydrates and a little protein.

Why? Because your calorie count at the end of every day is MUCH more important for weight loss than how much you enjoyed your 'Banting' cake. And the way to keep your calorie count low and healthy is to eat lots of vegetables and fruit, some unrefined starches and legumes, and a little meat, nuts and seeds or dairy if they agree with you.

Losing weight is EASY. But only if you eat the right, whole foods. And the right AMOUNT of food.  Unfortunately those foods do not include muffin/pie/cake/chocolate bar/bread/pizza, no matter what the label says.

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