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6 Ways to stick to your weight-loss goals at work

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Losing weight at the office

Let's be honest, weight loss at the office is not easy. Especially with all those edible sweet temptations on birthdays – not to mention all that sitting.

Tips for sticking to your weight-loss goals

But, if you're serious about losing and maintaining your ideal goal weight, these are two things you're going to have to motivate yourself to do – or, in the case of constant sitting, not do.

Here are six tips to help you stick to your weight-loss goals:

  1. Eat away from your desk to prevent mindless munching. If you don't have anywhere else to eat, spend 10 minutes eating at your desk, and then take a 20-40 minute walk outside.
  2. Keep a reusable water bottle on your desk. Sip this throughout the day to stay hydrated and satisfy hunger cravings, and to keep you more alert.
  3. Set little reminders on your phone or your computer every hour. When you hear the beep, you'll know it's time to get up for a quick walk and a stretch.
  4. Wear (or pack in) comfortable shoes so that you're always prepared for a lunchtime walk.
  5. Replace your office chair (if company policy allows) with a yoga/Pilates ball. This is an excellent way to improve posture and work your core all day long.
  6. When it comes to office birthdays, keep healthier dessert options on hand so that you'll have something to enjoy, and in which you won't feel guilty about indulging.

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