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Yummy snack if you’re watching your weight

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Try making or possibly buying some mini corn- or high-fibre tortillas, that are low in fat and calories, unlike the refined white flour alternatives. Then cook some canned or even better fresh tuna to use as a filling for the tortilla. Tuna is a fabulous source of protein, which supports weight loss by keeping you fuller for longer. It also helps your body to build muscle tissue.

Next, add a small amount of low calorie cheese as well as some salad ingredients. Thin slices of cucumber, shavings of carrot or even a tomato salsa are excellent options here but don’t limit yourself when it comes to fresh and healthy salad ingredients that are loaded with valuable vitamins and minerals.

Remember that you can also add spices to increase the flavour of this snack. Experiment with a few and find the ones that work for you.

You can have this protein-rich treat as a snack or even as a meal. It is healthy, nutritious and will leave you guilt free if you're concerned about your weight!

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