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Vegan juicing for weight loss


Benefits of juicing

Juicing has a ton of health benefits. It can help eliminate toxins, reduce appetite, flood the body with super foods, and increase your energy.

Vegan juicing just means that you're not adding any animal products like dairy – so it's mainly just raw fruits and veggies.

Juicing for weight loss

Let's be clear – juicing for weight loss doesn't mean that you're only drinking juice and cutting out all types of food for days on end. That's dangerous and not good for your body at all.

If you're starting a new diet, you might feel like detoxing your body with a juice cleanse over one to three days max.

But if that sounds a little extreme, try having a veggie-packed juice for lunch, or make a smaller juice and drink it as a mid-morning or afternoon snack.

Check with your doctor first

Juicing isn't for everyone, especially if you're pregnant, underweight, diabetic, have low blood pressure or an unstable heart disease. Rather speak to your doctor first if you're not sure about whether juicing is a good idea for you.

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