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3 Ways to cut calories during breakfast


Here are three simple ways to reduce your calorie intake during breakfast.

Limit the bacon

Limit the amount of bacon you consume as it is usually high in fat as well as sodium. You could also opt to have turkey bacon, provided that it is less fatty. Also be wary of the amount of oil or fat you fry the bacon in.

Dairy products

Have low fat or fat free dairy products instead of full cream milk, cheeses, etc. Similarly, try substituting full cream, flavoured yoghurts with greek yoghurt and ones that contain less artificial additives.

Healthy breads

Opt to eat whole wheat or whole grain breads as opposed to the highly refined white options. Breads that contain nuts and seeds will help you feel full faster, apart from the added benefit of the nutrients that they contain. In addition, these breads are healthier than the high calorie white bread alternatives.

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