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Identifying overeating triggers


Determining what triggers you to overeat may help you avoid future triggers and prevent weight gain.
Be aware of what you eat throughout the day. Keep a food diary and write down everything that you eat for meals, snacks or even foods you tend to nibble on throughout the day.
Also keeping track of where and when you eat as well as your thoughts and feelings at the time of eating, may help you identify what is triggering your unhealthy eating habits.
Obesity and metabolism expert Dr George A Bray says that, for some people, eating triggers may be related to a specific time of day or night, whilst for others it may be related to a certain place.
Break habits
Dr Bray says that 'you can change your eating habits by breaking the chain of events between the trigger for eating and eating itself'.
Other options
You could also try chewing your food for a certain number of bites, eating only in certain places for example the dining room, and restricting the number of utensils used for eating.

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