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Replace lasagne with eggplant for weight loss


How is lasagne prepared?

The dish is prepared by alternating sheets of lasagne with a filling, usually minced meat. Often sauces as well as cheese are added to further enhance the taste.

Try replacing some of the lasagne with slices of eggplant. This works well for the middle layers and may offer a delicious ‘twist’ to the dish. More importantly, it is a healthier option as it provides far fewer calories than the pasta that is used in its place.

Go for whole wheat

Try using whole wheat pasta where possible as this also offers far fewer calories than the refined ones. Whole wheat pasta also contains fibre which increases satiety and is healthy for our body.

Lean meats

When preparing lasagne, try using lean meats that do not contain a high degree of fat as fatty meats add calories to meals.

Salad on the side

Don’t forget to reduce the portion of lasagne consumed and have a salad on the side instead. This will keep your meal balanced and you will get valuable vitamins and mineral substances that are required by your body.

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