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Beat weight gain by managing energy levels


Do you know what the symptoms most predictive for having problems losing weight are?

According to The 10 Secrets of 100% Healthy People, by Patrick Holford, the five symptoms most predictive of having problems losing weight are:

1. Waking up tired
2. Afternoon energy slumps
3. Feeling tired most of the time
4. Can’t get going without having tea, coffee, or something sweet
5. Need to have something sweet, or coffee, at the end of a meal

The effect of energy levels on weight gain

Research statistics have shown that 39% of people crave caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee or cooldrinks. People with the worst energy levels tend to consume the most sugar, caffeinated drinks and refined foods. Refined foods such as cakes, biscuits and pastries are heavily processed and usually contain loads of saturated fats and sugar - which can promote weight gain.

Stress and caffeinated drinks

In addition, studies have shown that people with the highest stress ratings also tend to consume the most caffeinated drinks and sugar.

Manage stress and energy levels

So it seems that we if we focus on managing our stress and energy levels, we can help prevent unnecessary weight gain. For more about managing stress click here.

To learn more about how to boost your energy levels click here.

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