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Eat this to fill up on fewer calories


Stock up on soup this season

Cutting calories is hard. Especially when the chilly season sets in and we start craving all those feel-good comfort foods.

One comfort food we don't have to watch out for though, is soup. It might sound simple and boring, but soup is one of the most nutritious, filling, low-calorie foods you can eat - provided you don't add lashings of cream, butter or oil!

Enjoy soup as a starter (it will help you eat less for your main meal), or eat it as a meal all on its own.

Soup as a main meal

You can easily make litres of soup in the slow cooker and freeze batches for the week ahead in portion sized containers.

To bulk it up – add chunky veggies like beans, carrots, potatoes or beetroot. You could even add some small whole-wheat noodles.

To thicken it up – use some mashed, cooked potato, butternut or beans, or add low-fat coconut milk or a few teaspoons of cornflour. Then simply season with your favourite herbs and spices.

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