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3 Diet splurges you can make every now and then


Being on a diet or eating healthily doesn't mean that you're not allowed to splurge on something tempting every now and then.

The trick is to keep things in moderation.

By indulging every once in a while, you'll curb that sweet or savoury temptation – without wiping out all the hard work you've put in.

Here are three occasional indulgences you can enjoy in moderation...

1. Chocolate chip cookies

Four chocolate chip cookies contain almost double the amount of sugar (six teaspoons) that women should be having each day.

But, you can still eat your cookies and enjoy them. Just make sure that you cut down on your sugar intake elsewhere throughout your day. For example, don't have sugar in your coffee, skip your regular lunchtime can of soda or fruit juice, etc.

2. Ice cream

Ice cream is high in saturated fat – one of the reasons it should be eaten in moderation, whether you're following a healthy eating plan or not.

Cut down on the fat by adding fruit to each ice cream serving. You'll not only shave off extra fat, but you'll also get in a bunch of healthy fruit at the same time.

3. Pizza

Pizza is loaded with sodium and when there's too much of it in your body, your kidneys can't keep up with the extra sodium in your bloodstream.

But, you can still enjoy pizza every now and then. Just make sure to pile your pizza with veggie toppings, fill up on a salad before, and watch your sodium intake over the next six days.

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