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Eat chilled soups to lose weight this summer


Summer soups for slimming

There's nothing quite like enjoying a bowl of delicious, chilled soup on a hot summer's day or night.

But that's not the only good thing about these cold summer soups.

Susan Moores, RD, a St. Paul, Minnesota nutrition consultant, says chilled soups, such as gazpacho or cucumber-dill, are tasty, low-calorie options to start a meal with.

“Research shows that a low-calorie, broth-based soup at the beginning of the meal will fill you, so you eat less at the meal,” Moore explains.

There are some fantastic chilled soup recipes available online, so take a browse and see what delicious cool soups you can find!

Here are a few chilled soup options to get you started...

  • Tomato gazpacho

  • Cold cucumber soup

  • Zucchini soup

  • Chilled peach soup

  • Fresh green pea soup

  • Spiced fruit soup

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