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Time with children improves weight loss


Spending time doing physical activities with your children may help you reach your weight loss goals sooner than you think!
Look for fun activities
Find activities that both you and your child enjoy doing. You could play hide and seek, cat and mouse or even play a sport such as tennis together.
Physical movement
The more physical the sport the better! For example, instead of playing snakes and ladders or some other board game at the table, try doing activities that require you both to get up and move your bodies.
There are many games from which to choose, but if you can’t think of one then make one up! The options are endless.
Play outdoors
Playing outdoors may also prove more stimulating and can help reduce stress as well. Click here to learn more about stress and weight loss.
According to Reader’s Digest, tossing a ball or playing with a Frisbee for 30 minutes can burn a whopping 90 calories – that’s a lot, considering you have just spent some quality time with your child, which is priceless!

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