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Why detox diets can be dangerous

Detox diets have become quite popular, but recent research has found that they may not be such a good idea. Before beginning one, there are some things you should know about why they are thought to be dangerous.Detox diets are meant to cleanse the body, but often wind up starving it of vital nutrientsThe idea is that a person can lose several kilos in only a short period of time. While some people have been successful at this, others have sustained injury and permanent damage to their bodies.Detox diets can cause you to have liquid bowel movementsSeveral of these can dehydrate the body while causing other problems to occur. They often result from a shortage of nutrients. These include: zinc, vitamins A and B, and protein, all of which help build the lining of the intestines. You can also experience abdominal pain and lose electrolytes. These help fluid to pass between cells and help regulate the neuromuscular, endocrine, and excretory systems.Detox diets can also cause hair loss to occurWhen your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, it ceases to function properly. You may find yourself losing hair a little at a time, or it may begin falling out in clumps. This is a definite sign your body isn’t getting what it needs. A lack of important vitamins and minerals in the body can result in the hair becoming brittle and eventually falling out. Once you go bald, your natural hair is gone. Though it can be replaced, this can’t be done without a lot of effort and money.Vitamin deficiency is also a definite possibility for those adhering to a strict detox dietWhen you are on a liquid diet, you are getting very few of the vitamins your body requires to function correctly. If you are on one for more than a week, you may begin to experience this deficiency and side effects may occur.

These are serious and can include: night blindness, susceptibility to infection, weakness, headaches, heart palpitations, memory loss, and irritability. The first two side effects often occur when there is a vitamin A deficiency while the remaining are typical of folate deficiencies.  Brain damage is another possible effect of long-term detox dietsThis can occur when a person is consuming too much water each day. When the kidneys are unable to rid the body of excess water the sodium levels are diluted. The end result is water intoxication. This is a very serious and even deadly condition.Before going on any type of detox diet, know what it will entail. A one-day detox can be good for you, but long-term diets can have severe side-effects.

Talk to your GP about it and discuss healthy alternatives. Losing weight quickly is often not the best choice because of how it’s done.

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