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Make weight loss a laughing matter


For people who take losing weight seriously, it's no laughing matter!

Whether you have to lose weight due to a medical condition or to prevent one, many find the stress of changing eating habits and adopting new exercise regimes all too much!  

Laughing groups, in which people come together to simply laugh as a means to relieve stress, have been formed in countries such as China, India and the U.S.A. But could the act of laughing boost weight loss too?

Thomas Varkey, founder of the Laughter for Life club in Boston, says laughter is a form of exercise that promotes good health.  "The well-being helps us to not eat too much. When we are depressed, we tend to eat more. Laughing is antidepressant medicine." 

William F. Fry, Associate Professor Emeritus of Clinical Psychiatry at Stanford University, says laughing increases our breathing and involves internal physical exercise. According to Fry, laughing over 100 times a day requires the same cardiovascular activity as rowing for about 10 minutes! 

So go on, watch a comedy, read some jokes and have a laugh! It's free, fun and will boost your mood as well as your immune system. It's time to make weight loss a laughing matter! 

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