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10 Overlooked, smart and effective ways to lose weight 

Most people turn to strict diets and intensive exercising to lose weight and forget all about some of the simpler and less drastic options that there are. If you don’t want to spend endless hours at the gym and you eat more than a lettuce leaf for lunch, read these smarter ways to lose weight that are often overlooked:

1. Stop dieting

If you find that you are constantly on and off a diet, then it might be time stop dieting altogether. Dieting will make you lose weight, but it also increases your cravings, so you are quite likely to put the weight back on again. So one of the most effective ways to lose weight for a long term is to ditch dieting and go for a healthier, all year round, balanced lifestyle and you will lose the weight for good.

2. Seamlessly squeeze some walking into your routine 

Another one of smart and effective ways to lose weight is simple walking. To lose weight you need to decrease the calories and increase your physical activity, and the simplest way of getting more exercise is to walk further than you do now. Go for a walk at lunchtimes and walk instead of getting a cab or using the car when you can. It’s easy to add a mile or two of walking to your daily routine and you will soon notice the difference that it makes to your weight.

3. Try to cut out processed and convenience food as much as you can

Next one of overlooked and effective ways to lose weight is to cut down or cut out processed foods. They are quick and they are convenient, but they will add pounds to your weight. So, cut down or cut out burgers, pizzas and other convenience foods. They all contain more fat, salt and sugar than they really need to.

4. Eat more raw vegetables

Adding an extra portion of raw vegetables to your meals will help you lose weight too. Vegetables are high in fibre and nutrients and they will fill you up for fewer calories. Always buy your fruits and vegetables organic.

5. Cut down on alcohol

Alcoholic drinks contain a surprising number of calories and this is often overlooked. You might not think that a drink would make you put on weight, but cut down on the alcoholic drinks and you will be amazed at the difference that it can make.

6. Replace artificial sugar with natural sugar by eating more of fresh fruits 

A single teaspoon of sugar contains 16 calories and a single can of Coke contains nearly 6 teaspoons of sugar or more. Cutting down on the sugar and the foods with added artificial sweeteners that you eat, will soon have an impact on your waistline. But keep in mind that there is a big difference between added artificial sugar and natural sugar that you can find in fruits and vegetables.

7. TV detox

Turning off the TV is another one of smart and effective ways to lose weight. Just turning the television off and doing something more productive will help you lose weight without any noticeable effort. Get out into the fresh air instead and take a walk or go for a bike ride. If you sit in front of the TV all day, not only will you get no exercise, but you will probably reach for the snacks as well.

8. Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry

You’re going to grab all the goodies you can, if you shop for groceries when you are hungry, so go shopping after a meal and you will be less likely to treat yourself to something you don’t need.

9. Always eat a healthy breakfast

Eating your healthy and balanced breakfast is another one of overlooked and effective ways to lose weight. Breakfast gets your metabolism going and it will stop you from needing a snack later on in the morning, so skipping breakfast is a sure way to put on some extra pounds.

10. Recharge your batteries by getting a good night’s sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body will start to crave for fatty and sugary foods. It’s just your body trying to get you to take on some more energy boosting food, but it will overcompensate so you will end up eating more.

Do you know some other overlooked and smart ways to lose weight?

Stay happy and healthy!

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