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I know that my 22 month old daughter is predisposed to being fat because my husband was a fat child and fights weight issues today.  His family is morbidly obese (400 pounds).  I have also battled it my whole life.  My question is this:  Since obesity is coming from BOTH sides of the family, does that mean my daughter will be TWICE as fat and even heavier than my husband and I?  We are doing everything we are supposed to (I think) but the "genes" concerns me as to how fat she could be later in life if she does not control it.  Also, since it is harder for men and boys to be fat than girls, will my daughter be even bigger than my husband?  I figure if a boy is fat, the genes must be really bad.  I worry so much for my daughter.

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-George Rapitis, Nutritionist

Hello Michelle!

    Thank you for your nutrition question.  Since obesity runs in the family your daughter has a predisposition to being overweight however, it does not mean that she will be obese also.  Early prevention is the key in this situation.  Now that your daughter is very young make sure to develop healthy habits in the home.  Here are a few tips I would suggest as she grows:

Limit television.  There is lots of evidence linking TV watching with obesity in children

Some parents have a ''if its light, you're outside'' policy, that keeps kids running around outside instead of sitting inside. Make outside fun: Make an obstacle course in your yard and run through it together.

Enroll your child in an organized sport. Regular exercise will make a huge difference.

Provide plenty of fruits and vegetables around the house.  There is also an excellent product that I would recommend to your family called Juice Plus which contains 17 different fruits and vegetalbes.  It also comes in gummies for small children.  This product helps you to crave healthier foods which is a great weight loss aide.  Please visit the following link at http://www.juiceblend.com and order this product. It can be of great help to you and your family.  Let me know if you have any questions.
-George Rapitis, Nutritionist

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