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Smoothies - good or bad?

Hi. there seems to be an increasing trend to consume smoothies at the moment. I'm aware some natural ingredients are healthier than others, but am wondering whether healthy fatty foods such as nuts, seeds and avocados become rancid after being chopped up in the blender?

From what I've read heat, oxygen and light damage fats - not sure if the chopping action damages the fats contained.

I tend to add nuts, seeds etc. to my smoothies to limit the surge in blood sugar, so just checking I'm not damaging those natural ingredients and me in the process!


Hi Martin,
To answer your question, chopping up foods does not affect their nutritional composition anymore then chewing does.
Fats turn rancid when there left to expose the air for a long period of time. So just consume them within an hour or so and you'll be fine.  
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