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What's the verdict with multivitamins healthy or not? And how do I know which ones are healthy and not bad for me? Right now I"m on a diet and wanna start working out and IM on a multivitamin but IM almost done but now I don't know which knew to get and if I should even get one again IM thinking since my caloric intake is lower than average people who are at ideal weight if I should take one? Maybe you can help clear things up.


Hello Marc,

Yes, I feel that a good quality multivitamin is  still a good investment, especially if you are following a fairly low-calorie diet. It's basically insurance against deficiencies and many of my patients find that they generally feel better while taking a multi. There are a few good multis, I can recommend two basic multi-vitamins, which you can find online. Two-a-day multi by Life Extension foundation (LEF.org) - Note: they make one that is vegetarian and one that is not, get the one that is NOT Vegetarian because it uses a vitamin D3 rather than the inferior vitamin D2. The other multi s Multi T/D by Pure Encapsulations. You can find this one by searching on Google. There have been studies that question the benefits associated with multi-vitamins, that research, however, has been very poorly designed and is countered by other studies that show multi-vitamins to be quite helpful.

I hope this helps.
Yours in good health,
Ray Hinish, Pharm.D., CPT, LWMC  
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