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my diet

hi im 16 and i have been doing regular exercise for about a year now. I have never had a problem doing it before but nowadays i feel really tired after about 5 mins. I am not sure if this is down to my diet or not. i dont eat alot as im at school all day and theres not much on offer for lunch. when i get home i dont eat before i exercise but after i have a snack and then when it comes to dinner time i can never manage to eat alot. i want to eat a balanced diet as i feel this might help with my energy levels. Do you think this would help and could u advise me on wot foods to eat?

Firstly I can't emphasize the importance of good nutrition. You wouldn't drive a car without putting gas in the tank... your body is exactly the same; you have to fuel up regularly.

I have come across loads of people with the problem of having to eat but not wanting to take on excess calories, in case they put on weight.

The most effective option here is a company called Herbalife. They have meal replacement shakes that fill you up, give you all the nutrition your body needs to be active and exercise, they help save money on meals and time preparing meals and they taste great!!!

What I would suggest to you at your age and based on the information you have provided is the Shapeworks Quickstart program and an extra Formula 1 shake... this will provide 2 meals a day for approx 30 days, as well as a fat burning beverage and one of the best multi vitamins on the market.

Visit http://www.theherbalifeshop.com/quick-start-weight-management-program.html

and http://www.theherbalifeshop.com/formula-1-nutritional-shake-mi1.html

There is a 30 day guarantee on these products if you don't get the results.

In 25 years of sports training and nutrition, this is the best product I have ever come across.
You feel energized, healthier and ready for that workout.

I hope this helps!!!
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