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Questions about a career in nutrition

Recently, I have become interested in a career in nutrition. After having done a lot of research online, I still have a few questions that I would really like to be answered by someone who is already in the profession and practicing. If you could spend some time addressing some of the queries that I have, I will truly be grateful.
How long after completing an internship can you find employment, and where do fresh graduates most frequently tend to be employed? What is the starting salary of dietitians? While doing a search for job postings, I noticed that most employers are looking for dietitians with at least 2 years of experience. So where do fresh graduates who have completed their internships start working then? I am specifically interested in working in an outpatient clinic as a pediatric nutritionist. Is that opportunity available to a fresh graduate who has just completed a pediatric internship? Or would I first have to gain further experience working on in patient basis after my internship before I can serve in outpatient clinics? Further, is there any specialized training required for a pediatric nutritionist in terms of further studies?
Thanks for your time.

I'm glad you are interested in a career in dietetics. I have loved it for over 25 years now!  Another great resource would be to call any college you are considering attending and speaking to the dietetics program coordinator.  Things are very different depending on the area of the country.
For instance, here in St. Louis there are 30 interns, I'm told, and the area will be flooded with new dietitians in the spring, making jobs scarce and driving salaries down.  Jobs may start at just $30,000 per year.  Places like some California cities are desperate for dietitians and the pay is much higher, probably in the low 40's.
The typical graduate usually finds a job in a medium sized hospital (so you are not the sole dietitian making all the decisions), or for public health (like WIC).  Certain hospitals(large teaching hospitals, major trauma centers) require more experience because they have more critical patients.  Community hospitals generally accept new grads.

I've actually never heard of a pediatric outpatient dietitian.  It must be a very specialized field and I imagine they would want you to have the experience working in a pediatric hospital for a time at first. There is not specialized pediatric training required, but there are certain programs available to train you further... one is in a Texas hospital,Baylor I believe.
There are a few large cities with pediatric specialty hospitals.  If you are willing to move there is more of a chance you'll find the job you like.
Check out nutritionjobs.com to peruse the openings.
Trust me, the first year or two you may need to get experience will fly by and you will learn so much and enjoy what you are doing!
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