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rugby Nutrition

I am a 15 year old rugby player and take it very seriously. My focus is to have a  professional career in rugby one day. I need to get some advice on what i need to be eating in order to help me obtain peak fitness. I train with the team once a week, play once a week, judo once and light weights and repetition once a week. I play as a back usually centre, i would like to to improve my upper build to allow me to play at my best in this position


Honestly the number one thing you need is just enough calories to support your training and growth. The number on problem kids your age have that are active in sport is they eat like birds. They don't eat enough to make the progress they could. Pack it in, cram your pie whole. The nature of rugby being both a constant aerobic and then short stints of high intensity sprinting etc you are going to be burning a ton of fuel. You cant make the progress you want unless your putting food in your mouth. Get plenty of protein and after that just what ever you want, an easy way to load the caloires in is with simple sugars during and around training, and then lots of fats other times, peanut butter, oils, full fat dairy (milk)

You should base your training on heavy resistance training, heavy of course being a relative term to the individual. Based in BIG compound moves with free weights not machines in order to build muscle and explosiveness.

Base your training on squats, Deadlift, bench press, over head press, chins and rows, and power cleans these are the moves that use the most muscle at once, burn the most energy  and have the potential to give you the results you seek. Performance!!!

I would do one press, one pull and one leg move a session really giving the moves the attention they deserve like working to a heavy triple, or 5x5 or 10 x 3 etc and then optional one static core move. Start with two days a week you can build from there. I am sure your getting the running in at practice. In the off season I would bump it to three resistance training sessions and a few sprint sessions

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