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good proteins

I am looking for lunch ideas that a very quick and healthy low sodium, good for diabetics I try to stay at 3 carb count for lunch unless I know it is going to a long day then I go 4 carb count for lunch. I sometimes get to eat a snack and sometimes I don抰 have time to eat a snack being I have an early lunch.
Can抰 eat peanuts (allergy), tree nuts (allergy), cottage cheese (plain dislike), allergic to sweet and low, equal, haven抰 tired spenda being a little afraid of some type of reaction like the other products in that class. No caffine (reacts to medications), no corn,

I know cheese isn't a really healthy idea for daily protein with lunch being it is high in bad fats so looking for other ideas. I have about 10 minutes to eat lunch due to needing to do neb treatment during the same time. Which leaves me less than 10 minutes to eat a lunch. Thanks

Some high protein lunches/snacks can be tuna, lentils, oatmeal, beef jerky, egg whites, protein bars, or protein shakes.  Be sure to read the labels to avoid any sugar or chemical additives.

Thank you for your question, Becky.  I hope that my answer was helpful.
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