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toning up/ weight loss

Laura, I am looking to lose weight (no more than about 10lbs) because I fit the tall/ lean build, yet need to get rid of stubborn fat just around the abs & thighs. From your knowledge, is there a way I can naturally increase my metabolism, so that I can lose the weight   remain skinny all my life, without the need of any pills? Also, do you know anything about topical fat loss gels (are they safe)?
I am 25 & in good health. I just want to lose a little weight, but only in the right places.
Thank you in advance!

Dear Therese, Where you store the fat is a genetic thing, not a metabolism thing. Beware, when you lose that last 10 pounds, you will lose it all over, so your breast size might drop.
Sounds like you already have a great metabolism if you are in the tall lean build. The best way to increase your metabolic rate even more is to lift light weights, and lower your carb consumption. The fat creams work by increasing the blood flow to the area, they are safe as far as I know. The downside is they are very expensive and when you stop using them, the fat comes back. Once you grow a fat cell you own it for life, it just shrinks and flattens out as you lose weight. A trainer can set you up with an exercise program to tone your muscles in the problem areas. Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com

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